Your neighbours at St. Matthias welcome you!

Welcome from your neighbours at St. Matthias in Fairfield … Rockland … Gonzales! We are a church at the crossroads of three neighbourhoods but most importantly, we open our arms and our hearts to you, no matter where you live.We’re so glad you “clicked” on us! We’d love to greet you in person, as well. Feel free to join us at any of our special events or at a worship service.

Who is this community of St. Matthias? The answer is both simple and complex: we’re a group of folks (of all ages) who come together to “practice the presence of God.” We welcome every voice and every question. Whoever you are or wherever you may be on your journey of faith, we welcome you.

Maybe you have some specific questions we could answer? If so, drop us an email or give us a phone call. Take a look at the contact points at the bottom of this page: each of us is keen to hear from you.

Our priest (rector, pastor, minister) is Meagan Crosby-Shearer. She’d be delighted to hear from you! (Yes, that’s also Meagan in the photo above, in a somewhat more formal setting!)

Do you wonder what we mean by “worship” at St. Matthias? Generally, we celebrate our faith with the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist, Communion). The service includes readings from the Christian scriptures, hymns and anthems, prayer and preaching. And, please stick around and join us for coffee or tea and a personal welcome.

It’s Advent! We’re Preparing for Christmas!

In the church, the year begins with Advent (which means coming; in this case, it’s the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus). We’ve been lighting the candles of the Advent wreath and step-by-step preparing the church. It’s our way of carefully and joyfully making ourselves ready for this wonderful demonstration of God’s love for each one of us.

We’ll celebrate the traditional service of Lessons and Carols on December 17th. This worship service weaves the Christmas narrative through a series of Biblical passages and carols. Then, please join us for Christmas treats in the hall.

Christmas can be challenging. On Wednesday, December 20th at 7 p.m., St. Matthias joins with The Abbey Church for a Blue Christmas, which is a simple service of song and reflection for those who struggle with the Christmas season.

On December 24th, we invite you to our Christmas pageant and inter-generational service at 10:30 a.m. Children of all ages are invited to come and join the pageant. (We’ll see you at 10:00 if you want to choose a costume or grab a coffee!) Or, you might want to attend a more traditional Candle Light Christmas Eve service in the evening at 8 p.m.

On Christmas Day, we will celebrate yet again at 10 a.m., with a quieter service to share bread and wine and pray for our neighbourhood and the world.

We try to live our faith in service. Have you ideas to share with us? Feedback on your experience with us? Click on any of the contact buttons and give us your ideas! We’d love to hear from you. Keep up with us on our News and Events page. Or, find us (and “like us”) on our Facebook page, filled with photos from our activities.

Thanks again for your visit! Come see us soon and have a wonderful celebration of Christmas!