Welcome: we are your neighbours in Fairfield!

Thank you for stopping by. We’d be delighted to welcome you in person at any or all of our special events. Because we’re “church,” we’re happy to invite you to attend any or all of our worship events.

On May 15th, we celebrate the day of Pentecost (the 50th day of Easter), and we’ll continue to celebrate this season in our church year. Why? In our belief, this is the day we remember the gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides our efforts to show our commitment to love and serve our neighbours, near and far. We hope that’s how you’ll experience the St. Matthias community: joyful folks who welcome all those who grace our door.

We like visitors, whether you come for an hour, once a month, or simply whenever you’re in town. What can you expect? Each Sunday we celebrate our belief with the Lord’s Supper, including readings from the Christian scriptures, hymns and anthems, praise and preaching.

We like visitors of all ages. Our Godly Play children’s program, based on a Montessori approach to interactive learning, provides a warm environment where each child is greeted with respect and joy. But, if your children aren’t inclined to join Godly Play, we are used to children wandering about during the service. Relax, let them explore. We like everyone to feel at home.

We’re a busy place: there’s always something going on or “in the works,” whether it’s worship, a meditation group, concerts, an information program, a social event, or children’s programs. Our buildings are in the Fairfield neighbourhood, but our hearts and members live throughout the Greater Victoria area.

We share an active commitment to the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. See us in action as you visit us. Christ Church Cathedral Junior Kindergarten and Childcare is at the western end of our property. Next door, you will find Rogers Court, apartments for low-income seniors. On the lower floor of our community hall, the Threshold Housing Society office coordinates programs to provide transitional housing for youth at risk. (Thanks for bringing your bottles and plastic recycling on the 4th Saturday of the month!)

 We at St. Matthias see ourselves in service to the broader community. Perhaps you have some ideas to share with us about how we could serve the community differently or better. Contact us and give us your ideas!   Keep up with us on our News and Events page.

 Our website is designed to make it easier for both members of the St. Matthias community and our newcomers, neighbours, and visitors to learn about us and our activities. We also have a Facebook page, filled with photos from our activities. Our rector, the Reverend Bruce Bryant-Scott, writes a blog, The Island Parson.  Our Music Director, Jim Hill, has his own webpage with extensive information about music programs at St. Matthias, our choral scholars, and his own music programs. The site is at:  http://themusicatsaintmatthias.com/