Your neighbours at St. Matthias in Fairfield welcome you!


How nice of you to stop by online! We’d love to see you in person, too, so please accept this warm invitation. Or, drop us an email or give us a phone call if you have questions for us. Take a look at the contact points at the bottom of this page: each of us is keen to hear from you.

We are an active, inclusive community of faith. What does that mean? It means that whoever you are or wherever you may be on your journey of faith, we welcome you. Please feel free to join us at any of our special events or at a worship service.

The Reverend Meagan Crosby-Shearer is our new (since May) rector (incumbent, pastor, minster). Meagan is married to Rob and they have twins Amaya and Zion.

Anglicans in general, and St. Matthias in particular, like to celebrate. As summer begins, we are celebrating the season of Pentecost. Traditionally, Pentecost is regarded as the Church’s birthday, the beginning of our mission to show and share the joy and fellowship we feel as a community.


Summer is a special time. We invite the younger folk to join our Vacation Bible School, July 24-28.

Check back on this site or on our Facebook page to see what else we’ve got planned as we continue our worship and special events life. Or … give us a call!

Are you wondering what worship is like at St. Matthias? Generally, we celebrate our faith with the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist, Communion). The service includes readings from the Christian scriptures, hymns and anthems, prayer and preaching.

We’re an “all ages” group. So – bring your whole family. Over the summer, our Godly Play children’s program will take a break. We are used to children wandering about during the service. Relax and let them explore. We always have a few books and “quiet toys” available, as well. We like everyone to feel at home.

As an Anglican congregation, we are part of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia and we cherish that membership. Are you new to Victoria, visiting, or from another tradition? No matter: whether you stop in once, once in a while, or – decide to make St. Matthias your faith community, we welcome you.

As a community of faith, we believe in serving our neighbours, near and far. When you attend a worship service or a special event, we hope that’s how you’ll feel: that you’ve encountered a group of friendly, joyful welcoming neighbours. We are based in Fairfield, but our members and our activities stretch widely.

We express our commitment to the love and teachings of Jesus Christ in many ways. We hope you’ll notice this commitment in how we use our facilities. Christ Church Cathedral Junior Kindergarten and Childcare is at the western end of our property. Next door, you’ll find Rogers Court, apartments for low-income seniors. On the lower floor of our community hall, the Threshold Housing Society office coordinates programs to provide transitional housing for youth at risk. (There’s a special recycling and bottle drive opportunity on the fourth Saturday morning of each month!) There’s plenty more, so feel free to stop in and see what we’re doing!

 We try to live our faith in service. Have you ideas to share with us? Feedback on your experience with us? Click on any of the contact buttons and give us your ideas! We’d love to hear from you. Keep up with us on our News and Events page.

 We also have a Facebook page, filled with photos from our activities. Our Music Director, Jim Hill, has his own webpage with extensive information about music programs at St. Matthias, our choral scholars, and his own music programs. The site is at:  http://themusicatsaintmatthias.com/

Thanks again for your visit! Come see us soon.