Welcome from your neighbours in Fairfield!

Thanks for stopping by! After you’ve had a virtual tour, why don’t you consider coming in person to any or all of our special events or a worship service? It would be great fun to see you.

Within our church calendar, this is the season of Pentecost, when we reflect on our commitment to love and serve our neighbours: those down the street, across town, or across the globe. One of the things we do is to use our facilities in ways that show our sense of service and love of neighbour across a wide range of activities and initiatives.   When you stop by in person, we are keen to show you a warm St. Matthias welcome.

We’re a joyful, friendly community who genuinely like visitors, whether the visit is for an hour, once a month, or simply whenever you’re in town. What can you expect? If you join us on Sunday for a worship service, you’ll notice that we celebrate our belief with the Lord’s Supper, including readings from the Christian scriptures, hymns and anthems, praise and preaching.

We’re an “all generation” community, so we welcome everyone from babes in arms to seniors. During the school year, our Godly Play children’s program, based on a Montessori approach to interactive learning, provides a warm environment where each child is greeted with respect and joy. During the summer, our formal program will take a break.

Regardless of whether we have a formal program, we know that not all young ones want to participate. Not a worry! We are used to children wandering about during the service. Relax, let them explore. We like everyone to feel at home.

As we enjoy the summer, our activities take on a more seasonal flavour. Have you booked tickets for the “Sarah and Friends” concert on Friday, June 17th at 7:30 p.m.? Have you booked your tickets for our annual Strawberry Tea and Ballet Recital? The festivities start promptly at 2 pm on Saturday June 18th.   Call or email now!

We’d love to see young folk (ages 4-8) at our Godly Play camp, mornings from August 22-25. Watch our website for more information or send us an email if you’d like us to keep you posted as planning proceeds.

Yes, we’re a busy group, either doing something or planning something — or both! However, we’re never too busy to welcome you and hear about what you think we might offer you in your busy life.

We are a diverse community with lots of interests, but we share our faith in the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe we best show you our faith through our service.

For a flavour of our commitment, visit our facilities. Our buildings are in the Fairfield neighbourhood. Christ Church Cathedral Junior Kindergarten and Childcare is at the western end of our property. Next door, you will find Rogers Court, apartments for low-income seniors. On the lower floor of our community hall, the Threshold Housing Society office coordinates programs to provide transitional housing for youth at risk. (Thanks for bringing your bottles and plastic recycling on the 4th Saturday of the month! Stop in the church and peruse our newly introduced book sale!)

 We at St. Matthias see ourselves in service to the broader community. Perhaps you have some ideas to share with us about how we could serve the community differently or better. Contact us and give us your ideas! At the bottom of this page, you’ll see telephone and email contacts. We’d love to hear from you. Keep up with us on our News and Events page.

 We want this website to make it easier for both members of the St. Matthias community and our newcomers, neighbours, and visitors to learn about us and our activities. Visit our Facebook page, filled with updates and photos from our activities. Read the blog published by our rector, the Reverend Bruce Bryant-Scott, The Island Parson.  If your focus is music, take a look at the webpage hosted by our Music Director, Jim Hill, that provides all the latest news about music programs at St. Matthias, our choral scholars, and his own music programs. The site is at:  http://themusicatsaintmatthias.com/


Your neighbours at St. Matthias thank you again for your visit!