Music at St. Matthias

Music at St. Matthias

Music is extraordinarily important in the course of the worship service. Nearly 40% of the worship service at St. Matthias is music oriented. Here are five characteristics of a magnetic musical program:

Enhance Worship
The principal role of the music ministry is to enhance the corporate worship experience and thereby move persons into a closer relationship with God.

Witness and Develop
A second role of the music ministry is to witness the theology of the church while developing musical excellence.

Offer Spiritual Growth and Community
The visible choir is a good indicator of church life. Growing choirs reflect commitment, enthusiasm and the sense of being needed. Our choir provides opportunities for service, small group assimilation and spiritual experiences.

The Sanctuary Choir is one of the main entry points for new church members. Talented persons who present excellence as an offering to God tend to draw others.

Effect Positive Social Change
The two most significant influences that have transcended cultural barriers are sports and music.