Local Outreach

Project Upgrade promotes support for youth gaining skills for employment through the following programs:
– An endowment providing two bursaries for upgrading programs at Camosun College
– Contributions from a parish bottle recycling effort supporting Life-SkillsWorkshops offered by Threshold Housing Society (See next item for more information)
Contact Marilyn Denton or 250-361-9677

Threshold Housing Recycling Day – See News and Events for next date.
On the fourth Saturday of each month St. Matthias joins forces with Threshold Housing Society for plastic recycling and bottle drive (in the parking lot). All profits go towards Threshold’s life-skills training for at-risk youth.
• Bottle drive — All refundable pop, juice, beer, wine and spirits containers welcome (cans, bottles, gable-tops & Tetrapaks)
• Recycling — Clean hard and soft plastics (including Styrofoam), milk cartons and Tetrapaks, electronics and household batteries accepted.
Contact: Gerry Howell Jones (250-383-2501)

Environmental Stewardship
Consistent with a recognized mission of the Anglican Church, we seek to act as effective stewards of this gift of our planet:

  • We manage our property with a concern for conservation of energy, water & soil and the use of local & fair trade products.
  • We sponsor a community recycling day on parish property on the fourth Saturday of each month; see our News and Events page for the next date.

Wednesday, November 11th, 3 pm.  St. Matthias is looking for 10 volunteers to help with serving and clean up. The time commitment is approximately 2.5 hrs.   If you are interested in helping on this day, or need further information, please contact Nicky Rendell  nrendell1@telus.net  (250-370-2395).

Thank you for your part in the great beginning to this new ministry in support of Our Place. The box labelled GRAINS is at the back of the church for your grains (rice, oats, etc.) donations.

Please remember that the grocery cart in the back of the church is for non-perishable food items for those who are in difficulty in Victoria. These goods are picked up each Monday and taken to the Mustard Seed for distribution.

Living Well at the End of Life
The Parish of St. Matthias hosts Living Well at the End of Life, a four-part, free informational forum. The topics are

• End of life and palliative care
• Advance care planning
• Family matters in death and grief
• Grieving: helping yourself, helping others

For information about upcoming presentations visit our News and Events Page
Contact: Christine (250-598-2833)