Global Outreach

We look at issues and needs in the wider world through:

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund: The Canadian Anglican response for emergency relief, refugees, development, and justice that is supported by St. Matthias.

Rwanda Project: In Rwanda widows struggle desperately to raise their children in subsistence conditions. We support a project that lifts them from subsistence to sustainability by rebuilding their dilapidated houses, providing health insurance and some land. With these they can feed their kids, get them to school, and work toward a future with opportunity. To learn more click: Update_on_Rwanda
Contact John Jordan or 250-598-9739

Guatemala Project has for years helped Mayan women around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, gradually build up their community infrastructure for health, education, and family economy. Through the project founder, our parish member, we are connected to them, especially to their successful weaving collectives. This ongoing work has great future plans for our involvement.To learn more click: Guatemala Project

Refugee Sponsorship Our Rector, Bruce Bryant-Scott is the Refugee Coordinator for The Anglican Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia and chairs a committee that is working to bring refugees to Canada from various strife torn parts of the world.

Syrian Refugee Constituent Group Brian and Nicky Rendell are chairing a group that is organizing to bring a Syrian family to Victoria. The first meeting will be on October 21 at 7pm at the church. All interested people are welcome to attend. Contact Nicky or Brian at 250 370-2395 or Additional information is available our Facebook page (add link to page: